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Vibration input
Channeis 8 or 16 optional(Up to 16 channels of simultaneous acquisition)
Signal acquisition Acceleration,Velocity,displacement, voltage,current
Input impedance 220k
Vibration measurement range 80g,200mm/s,10mm,using 100m/g accelerometer
Sensor drive current 4mA@24V,Constant current source for IEPE accelerometer
A/D conversion 24bit delta-sigma ADC
Frequrncy range 100Hz-40KHz
Dynamic signal range 110dB
input range ±10V
Precision 1%(0.1dB)
Frequency response 0.2dB,10Hz-5KHz,0.5dB,3Hz-20KHz
Rotating speed
Channeis 2 channels, isolation input
Compatible type TTL,Eddy current,Hall
Trigger level 10V-30Vpp
Process volume
Channeis 4 channels, isolation input
Signal range ±12V or 4-20mA
Channeis 1
Type SPST,Normally open or normally closed
Signal Processing
Window function Hanning,rectangular
Continuous acquisition 4M bytes/CH
Line chart 400,800,1600,3200,6400,12800,25600,51200,102400
Measurement defines sample length 1k,2k,4k,8k,16k,32k,64k,128k,256k
Long waveform acquisition 4M
Dynamic alarm display Multiple alarm parameters can be set
Basic parameters
RAM 1G bytes
Limited Ethernet TCP/IP,10/100bseT,Optical(optional)
Communication RS232,RS485
Conditions of Use
Size 300*400*167mm
Weight 9.8Kg
IP grade IP65
Operating temperature -40-70℃ 
Operating humidity 95% RH without condensate
Living temperature -45-85℃ 
Atmospheric pressure 70kPa-110kPa
Power supply
Optional input voltage 100-240VAC,50/60Hz,<20W   20VDC,1.5A
Certification CE certification
Environment parameter
Electrostatic discharge immunity level 4:±8kv contact, ±15kv air
Electrical fast transient burst immunity level 4:±4kv
Surge protection EN61000-4-5:±4kv
Lightning protection 20KA