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LEEWELL is committed to extracting data from machines and making hardware software-oriented and software intelligent-oriented.
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Congratulations on developing the IPIMS!


Congratulations to our engineering and technical team for successfully developing the intelligent perception integrated monitoring system!


The intelligent perception integrated monitoring system is different from general tool software. It can be connected to other subsystems including electrical operation module, condition monitoring module, automatic lubrication module, CCTV module, brake monitoring module, steel wire rope monitoring module, steel structure monitoring module, etc. . The intelligent perception integrated monitoring system is an effective way to improve equipment management, and its ultimate goal is to realize the informationization of equipment management. At the same time, the inspection and acceptance of the expansion and decoration of our Leewell factory has been completed. Successfully built The intelligent perception system demo platform, the steel structure monitoring system demo, and the vibration monitoring system demo are put into use successfully. Welcome to visit our company and experience our demo center!