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Leewell and ZPMC reached a cooperation agreement on Lekki Deepwater Port project


The Lekki Deepwater Port in Nigeria plans to construct two container berths and a tugboat terminal. The shoreline of the terminal is 680 meters, and there is also a breakwater of about 2.2 kilometers (of which the main breakwater is 1.8 kilometers), an entrance channel which is about 9 kilometers long, and -16.5 meters deep, and a U-turn area with a diameter of 670 meters and a water depth of -16.5 meters. At the same time,the plan includes the construction of the storage yard behind the terminal, supporting single buildings, and facilities such as water supply and power supply. The main part of the project officially started on June 15, 2020, with a contract period of 27 months. The Lekki Port project is located 60 kilometers east of Lagos, Nigeria. Lagos is the economic center of Nigeria. The import and export of 80% of the country’s cargo relies on the Lagos port. Affected by the backward construction of roads and ports, the current port is already in saturated state. After the completion of the Lekki Port project, it will become one of the largest deep-water ports in West Africa. Approximately 170,000 people will obtain direct and indirect employment opportunities due to the project. It is conducive to promoting the development of the entire West African region, expanding the radiation and influence of the African shipping network, further promoting the construction of the "Integration of three networks " in Africa, promoting the interconnection of the entire West African region, and benefiting the people's livelihood.

Our company recently signed a vibration monitoring service contract for 5 unit quay cranes with Zhenhua Heavy Industry (ZPMC). Equipped with vibration sensors for the hoist, trolley, and boom mechanisms (including motors, gearboxes, and drums) of quay cranes, the system realizes the functions of monitoring, analyzing and alarming the vibration and speed of the equipment. The contract signing of this project marks that our products have broken through a new field and formally entered the West African market.