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LML1230T Acceleromter

Teacgnical Parameters

Basic parameters
Sensitivity(±10%) 500mv/g
Acceleration range  ±10g 
Amplitude linearity  1%
Frequency range (±10%)  0.2 〜5KHz
Frequency range (±3 dB)  0.1-10KHz 
Mounting resonant frequency  16KHz 
Transverse sensitivity  ≤5%
Measuring range  -40-120℃ 
Temperature sensitivity 10mv/℃ 
Output offset 10.5-13.5VDC Typical:12VDC
Constant current 2-20mA Typical:4mA
Voltage excitation 18-30VDC Typical:24VDC
Output impedance <100Ω
Case isolation >108Ω
Maximum shock level 5000g
Mounting thread 6mm
Weight 116g
Size Diameter * height:27*54(mm)
Seating Laser welding
Transducer composition Plane shear
Housing material 316L Stainless Steel
Electrical connection position Top output, 3 pins Mil-C-5015
Temperature range -40-120℃ 
Mount torque About 2.7-6.8N.m(M6)
Certification CE

Product Features

Built-in IEPE circuit,isolated output,constant current supply
laser seal welded
Military conector,suitable for online monitoring of harsh industrial field environment
Low frequency,high sensitivity

Small size,lightweight

Product installation picture