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LMS1231 Wireless Vibration

Teacgnical Parameters

Vibration measurement parameter
Vibration Range ±50g 
Amplitude linearity  1%
Frequency range(±3 dB) 2-20KHz
Sampling frequency 1280Hz-51.2KHz
Analyze frequency 500Hz,1KHz,2KHz,5KHz,10KHz,20KHz
Long waveform sampling length ≤2M
Measurement defines sample length 1K,2K,4K,8K,16K,32K,64K,128K
Temperature measurement parameter
Measuring rang -40-125℃ 
Temperature accuracy ±1℃
Electrical and structure parameter
Power supply Lithium-thionyl chloride battery,3.6V,3.3Ah
Communication method 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4
Transmission distance 300m(no interference and no barrier)
Size Diameter * height:46*94(mm)
Weight 188 g
Installation size(thread) M6
Installation method Bolt or metal adhesive
Environment parameter
Temperature range -40-70℃ 
IP grade IP 67

Product Features

Using wireless transmission,simple,reliable and safe
Use zigbee wireless communication protocol,eliminating the need for a large number of cabling signals,networks and other work,significantly reducing the on-site monitoring of the implementation and miantenance of the difficulty.
To achieve steady-state and non-steady-state equipment care
The sensor can transmit not only static data(total value) but also dynamic data(spectrum).
Small size,easy to install
Non-destructive installation,easy on-site maintenance
Monitoring function is perfect

Set data acquisition,data processing,data transmission in one, to achieve synchronous vibration and temperature signal acquistion

Product installation picture