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LMS1232 Wireless Data Collector

Teacgnical Parameters

Input and output
Communication with sensor 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4
Communication with the server Support Ethernet,optical fiber,WIFI(optional)
GPS function Support(optional)
Indicator LED Total 2 pieces(working,communication,abnormal status)
The maximum number of vibration sensor 60
The maximum number of speed sensor 1
Electrical and structure parameter
Power supply 220V AC or Lithium - thionyl chloride battery 3.6V 38Ah
Weight 3Kg
Installation method Support the wall mode
Environment parameter
Temperature range -40-70℃ 
Electrostatic discharge immunity EN61000-4-2 level 4:±8KV(touching),±15KV(air)
Surge protection EN6100-4-5:±4KV
IP grade IP66

Product Features

The first full wireless condition monitoring product
achieve full wireless status monitoring,zero cable laying,significantly reducing the on-site monitoring of the implementation and maintenance of the difficulty
Monitoring function is perfect
Set vibration measurement,temperature measurement,measuring speed in one,ti achieve stady-state and non-steady-state equipment care
Advanced data collection strategy
A variety of trigger data acquisition strategy:synchronous acquisition,speed starting acquisition,alarm trigger acquisition;support off-grid data storage,to avoid monitoring data loss.
Great scalability

Varous communication methods:Supprt Ethernet,optical fiber,WIFI and other means of communication,to adapt ot different industrial scene use scenarios.

Product installation picture