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LMS2020 Online Monitoring Station

Technical Parameters

Vibration input
Channels 8 or 16 optional(Up to 16 channels of simultaneous acquisition)
Signal acquisition Acceleration,Velocity,displacement, voltage,current
Input impedance 220k
Vibration measurement range 80 g,200 mm/s,10 mm,using 100 m/g accelerometer
Sensor drive current 4 mA@24V,Constant current source for IEPE accelerometer
A/D conversion 24 bit delta-sigma ADC
Frequency range 100 Hz-40 kHz
Dynamic signal range 110 dB
input range ±10 V
Precision 1%(0.1 dB)
Frequency response 0.2 dB,10 Hz-5 kHz, 0.5 dB, 3 Hz-20 kHz
Rotating speed
Channels 2 channels, isolation input
Compatible type TTL, Eddy current,Hall
Trigger level 10 V-30 Vpp
Process volume
Channels 4 channels, isolation input
Signal range ±12 V or 4-20 mA
Channels 1
Type SPST,Normally open or normally closed
Signal Processing
Window function Hanning,rectangular
Continuous acquisition 4M bytes/CH
Line chart 400,800,1600,3200,6400,12800,25600,51200,102400
Measurement defines sample length 1k, 2k, 4k, 8k, 16k, 32k, 64k, 128k, 256k
Long waveform acquisition 4M
Dynamic alarm display Multiple alarm parameters can be set
Basic parameters
RAM 1G bytes
Limited Ethernet TCP/IP,10/100 bseT,Optical(optional)
Communication RS232, RS485
Conditions of Use
Size 300*400*167 mm
Weight 9.8 kg
IP grade IP65
Operating temperature -40-70℃ 
Operating humidity 95% RH without condensate
Living temperature -45-85℃ 
Atmospheric pressure 70 kPa-110 kPa
Power supply
Optional input voltage 100-240 VAC,50/60 Hz,<20 W   20 VDC, 1.5 A
Certification CE certification
Environment parameter
Electrostatic discharge immunity level 4:±8 kv contact, ±15 kv air
Electrical fast transient burst immunity level 4:±4 kv
Surge protection EN61000-4-5:±4 kv
Lightning protection 20 kA

Product installation picture